WASEN Ghana Mentorship Program


Mentorship is a significant part of WASEN Ghana’s program.

WASEN Ghana has established a mentoring and support unit to provide ongoing support to applicants who have started a new business or who are growing an existing one. This will include matching applicants with prominent people in society amongst others, business leaders, corporate volunteerism, peer mentoring, clubs and societies, churches, community structures and mature members of the community.

 About the service

Mentors, each is an experienced business / accomplished person who have decided they want to give something back and work with the next generation of entrepreneurs.

This will be an agreement between two people sharing experiences and expertise to help with reflection, decision-making, and action to improve personal growth and professional development.

Mentoring advisors will help applicants to identify their growth plans and what they want to achieve personally from the mentoring. Based on this, WASEN Ghana will then match applicant with a mentor who can really add value, whiles monitoring applicant progress.

 What can a Mentor do for an applicant?

People who have been mentored have an increased likelihood of career success. Mentors can provide an independent perspective on businesses, acting as a sounding board for new ideas. They can work with applicants to set new goals, and clarify the direction applicant’s business is taking. They can also help to develop new skills and expertise, and prepare applicant for times of change.

 Interested in becoming a mentor?

As a mentor you will be part of WASEN Ghana’s Business Growth Hub mentors team. WASEN Ghana will arrange regular informal meetings for this group featuring guest speakers, opportunities to network and sharing experiences with your fellow mentors and exploring more ways of helping your mentees.

Mentoring can be a great way for you to develop too, honing skills such as supporting others, listening, giving feedback, and adapting your leadership style. It can also increase job satisfaction and raise your visibility within your own organisation and the business world at large.




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